Washington State Department of Transportation CSC

 Washington State Department of Transportation

In January 2010, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) selected ETC Corporation (ETC) to provide the systems and operations to support its new Statewide Customer Service Center (CSC). A primary goal of WSDOT is to enable drivers to use their Good To Go! accounts at any tolling facility in the state with one account, one transponder, and one customer service center contact. In February 2011, ETC assumed operations of customer service activities for the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and SR 167 HOT lanes, and initiated customer service activities for the SR 520 bridge, which will begin all-electronic tolling in 2011. ETC will additionally provide services for all new WSDOT tolled facilities that open over the course of the contract.

ETC has implemented two satellite walk-in facilities and a central service center in the greater Seattle area. ETC’s suite of customer service back office applications are being delivered via ETC’s Software-as-a-Service (Saas) with the solution hosted at ETC’s Richardson, Texas Technology Center. WSDOT CSC

Significant features of the Statewide CSC project. The WSDOT Statewide CSC project has several significant features:

  • Hosted Solutions – All back office and customer service center systems are hosted at ETC’s Technology Center in Richardson, Texas with a secondary, disaster recovery site at ETC’s Lisle, Illinois location.
  • Video Tolling – The system supports both transponder- and image-based accounts.
  • Integrated Customer Self-Service – The solution incorporates a tightly integrated IVR and Web site, including integrated, real-time smart-phone access, permitting 24-hour customer service for WSDOT customers through their service channel of choice.
  • Multiple CSC Facilities – ETC established, staffed, and operates a primary customer service center in the greater Seattle area along with two satellite service centers. Additionally, ETC provides mobile CSC operations to support marketing of WSDOT’s Good To Go! program.
  • Integration with Multiple Roadside Systems – The back office solution is integrated with ETC’s roadside system providing High Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lane and dynamic pricing for WSDOT’s SR 167 project as well as roadside systems provided by others, offering a single customer service center for all WSDOT toll customers.

About the Washington State Department of Transportation. The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is the steward of a large and robust transportation system and is responsible for ensuring that people and goods move safely and efficiently. In addition to building, maintaining, and operating the state highway system, WSDOT is responsible for the state ferry system and works in partnership with others to maintain and improve local roads, railroads, airports, and multi-modal alternatives to driving. Visit www.wsdot.wa.gov for more information.