Crescent City Connection Division

of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

In the first quarter of 2005, ETC Corporation was given notice of award for Crescent City Connection Division’s (CCCD's) project to develop, design, and implement a replacement system for the existing Integrated Electronic Toll Collection System (IETCS). This replacement system will include a customer service center, violations processing center, lane, violation enforcement, plaza, toll host, interactive voice response, and Web-application subsystems, as well as Interim Violation Process Services (IVPS).

Illuminated bridge at night

ETC Corporation’s first step will be to prepare a detailed project plan that will govern the implementation of the new IETCS-II Solution. ETC Corporation will analyze CCCD’s current solution, equipment, and operations to identify limitations and constraints due to equipment, software solutions, and/or operation processes. Second, ETC Corporation will analyze current and future industry practices and technology and identify those applicable to the final IETCS-II Solution. Finally, ETC Corporation will document its recommendations to CCCD with supporting justification, budgets, and schedules. ETC Corporation’s project plan will provide CCCD the flexibility to adjust, redirect, or reprioritize as the plan is implemented so that the ultimate objectives of CCCD are met. Upon approval of the plan, ETC Corporation will implement a complete replacement of CCCD’s existing toll system.

Additionally, under the LADOTD–CCCD contract, ETC Corporation will provide the system design and integration for LA 1, a new toll road in south Louisiana.