The RITE™ Host is the most comprehensive toll transaction processing and audit solution available. This solution is flexible and powerful, fulfilling the most demanding requirements of the toll audit process. The Host’s dynamic pre-audit process automatically compares all transactions against authority-defined audit thresholds and flags any suspect shifts for manual review and audit adjustment. This dramatically reduces the workload required to efficiently and accurately reconcile monthly financials.

Host Module features include:

  • High-volume and Scalability

    — Able to store, report, and process millions of transactions per day

  • Reporting

    — Extensive and flexible revenue and traffic reporting by user-selectable parameters

  • System of Record

    — Transaction reconciliation between Host and Account Management Modules (transponder and violation). A system of record for all transactions and acknowledgements from the Account Management Module.

Provides support for:

  • Toll and audit reconciliation
  • Operations management
  • Maintenance management
  • Collector, bag and vault management
  • Cash Management System and master change fund management
  • Toll system configuration set-up and management