Image Capture and Review System (ICRS)

Image Capture and Review System (ICRS) obtains accurate license plate identification information using a combination of automated and manual processes. ICRS ascertains license plate information (including jurisdiction, plate number, and type) from images taken at the roadside and shows the vehicle and its license plate. These values are crucial because these images directly impact the identification of the registered vehicle owner based on the plate information.

ICRS features include:

  • CSC Interface

    — Provides license plate account and AVI account lookup by license plate to post as an image toll to an existing customer account

  • OCR

    — Integration to augment or replace lane-based OCR solutions

  • Department of Motor Vehicle

    — Integration to determine ownership of vehicle

  • Audit Capabilities

    — OCR audit and manual image review audit features to monitor the quality of the image information generated