Cash Management

The plaza host includes a robust cash management system (CMS) to manage the change fund, both at the plaza and the money counting room (MCR). The CMS fully meets the Authority’s requirements for cash management at the plazas.

Authorized plaza personnel log into the CMS and MCR applications to manage change fund requests, receipts, and counts. The CMS application interfaces to the counting machines to easily count deposit bags and vaults. It also accommodates the transfer of custody operations required for the vaults and deposit bags. The CMS application manages data concerning tour fund distributions and cash management transactions with external institutions, such as banks or armored car companies, for audit and reconciliation purposes.

Some of the key CMS functions include:

  • Change fund requests
  • Receive change funds
  • Verify cash on hand
  • Cash report
  • Deposit bag management
  • Cash adjustments
  • Create bank deposits

Collector tour management, including:

  • Tour Open
  • Close Segment of Duty
  • Close Tour of Duty
  • Lane Number
  • Tour Bag or Cash Drop Bag Number
  • Tour fund management