Facility Server

The RITE™ Facility Server provides a real-time view and support for plazas, ramps, and lane equipment. The Facility Server provides up-to-date system views that indicate lane and equipment status, visually flagging issues or problems. Toll supervisors and managers can remotely open, close, and change the payment mode of each lane and open/close gate equipment if desired. Lane activity and detailed lane events can be viewed in real time to monitor toll attendant operations or for maintenance troubleshooting support.

Facility Server features include:

  • Intuitive User Interface

    Real-time views of the facility, plaza, ramp, and lanes at a glance

  • System Drill Down

    Simple mouse click navigation from highest to lowest levels, allowing the user to select the view of interest

  • Lane and Equipment Status

    View last transaction, last bulk account, or update download, last diagnostic message, etc.

  • View Real-time Lane Events

    View detailed transaction events such as sensor states, attended and automatic equipment states to diagnose lane problems, or view toll attendant activity

  • Portable Facility Server

    Laptop-based server provides transaction, validation distribution, and recovery during communication outages